Favourite lip product of the year!

August 24th, 2011 by fatalebeauty

I just came across on Superdrug the new Sleek Pout Paints these are incredibly pigmented liquid lip paints that you can easily custom mix colours from. They are amazing for makeup artists as they allow you to create the perfect shade to suit your client’s skin tone. And they are also very long wearing (though I recommend wearing lipliner with the darker shades so you can prevent from bleeding a little).

I bought Cloud 9 (white), Pin up (the most beautiful red) and Peek a bloo (blue). I am definitively going back for more. The orange is incredibly bright, and they also have peach, a large array of bright pinks, mauve… I reckon you can make about any shade with these.

With my first buy I am able to make any shade of red, darken it with blue, or make it pink with the white. You can also make purples/plums with these 3. Totally recommended.


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April 17th, 2011 by fatalebeauty

So you can get noticed about all the new posts occurring on this page! (I just created it, but I hope it will grow soon as a community).

Guest Post: Modern take on the classic Half-moon manicure (+video)

April 17th, 2011 by fatalebeauty

My friend Mer has the most amazing pointy nails and she’s made a video and tutorial showing you how to recreate this manicure at home.

I will be looking for more awesome collaborators that want to make tutorials for femme fatale hair, makeup and nails, or anything in between! I am only looking for high quality posts to keep this blog on topic and a good resource for this kind of look. Feel free to spread the word!

Onto the tutorial…
(Pictures and video by Mer Almagro from Inner Shelter)

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SIGMA brushes vs MAC

April 14th, 2011 by fatalebeauty

I eagerly placed an order with a UK supplier of Sigma brushes, since they didn’t have in stock the one I was after specially (the flat top kabuki), and I got a few more to complement my kit. Here’s my thoughts and comparisons!

Overall, I think these brushes are great quality for the price, specially the F80 that I can’t say good enough things about. They aren’t MAC, they are different and synthetic, but they are damn good alternative and they do the job just as well for a fraction of the price. Amazing if you are a starting makeup artist building your kit, or on lower budget, or just want a load of backups that are very comparable quality wise.

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Sigma Makeup Brushes

April 12th, 2011 by fatalebeauty

I get asked a lot about affordable makeup brushes, and after much research, blog reading, and looking around, I found these by Sigma. They are much cheaper than MAC and from the pictures and reviews I seen so far, the quality is outstanding as well. I am ready to place my order as I was looking to buy the flat top brush by them, which gives your skin the airbrushed look we all want in no time.

I also decided to join their affiliate program, once I get my order I shall make a comparison post for you all :) I am always in need of back-up brushes! Apparently you also get a free gift if you spend as little as 30$ (with the UK exchange rate, that’s nothing!) x

Modern Femme Noir Nail tutorial

February 18th, 2011 by fatalebeauty

A very classy modern take on the french tip nails, mixing up matt and shiny textures. This is one of my favourite ways to wear my nails and you can do this easily at home (or even ask your manicurist). Please click on the picture to enlarge.

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Making Faces

October 3rd, 2010 by fatalebeauty

Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin

Making Faces is the first book on makeup application I ever purchased. It’s incredibly helpful and inspiring, and it covers about every part of the face, and every style. Lots of before/after pictures in great size and details on how to recreate all the looks. It coves nearly every ethnicity and age range, even men.

At the end there is a collection of highly inspired looks and how to achieve them. The people pictured on this book range from his family and friends to A list celebrities. A must have for anyone that want to start to do makeup artistry or amazing makeup for themselves.

Buy here: Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin

Makeup Brushes

September 21st, 2010 by fatalebeauty

There is no point on starting to do make-up tutorials without having a good look at the tools you will need to recreate the looks easily, rather than struggling with what you got.

Brushes are a great investment if you want to start doing makeup on yourself or others, because using good quality brushes makes much more of a difference than using extremely expensive makeup. Read the rest of this entry »

All about eyebrows

September 16th, 2010 by fatalebeauty

Eyebrows are extremely important when it comes to makeup. Wrong shaped eyebrows, lack of, wrong placement, wrong colour…etc. can really spoil some one’s face since this is what frames it. On the 40′s-50′s women used to really pride on their eyebrows and it made them look so polished and sophisticated. With the right eyebrows you will feel a million times better about the way you look, you could be sporting the most amazing face makeup but if your brows don’t look the part, it won’t matter how great the rest of it is as that will make bad brows stand out even more. With this article I am hoping to guide you, a little bit, on how to groom and shape your eyebrows to make the perfect canvas for your femme fatale makeup and everyday wear. Read the rest of this entry »

Vintage Hairstyling

September 9th, 2010 by fatalebeauty

Vintage Hairstyling – Retro styles with modern techniques

I bought this book when it came out originally, I believe they are on the second edition now. I found it very helpful since it allows you to use modern tools to create those vintage hairstyles that are so polished yet so hard to accomplish without some sort of direction when it comes to curling. At the end of the Book it also includes some basics on retro nails, and makeup. Definitively a keeper if you are a hair stylist, or model, or simply want to achieve these beautiful hairstyles for going out.

Buy here: Vintage Hairstyling – Retro styles with modern techniques

Alternatively, you can also visit the author’s blog which has plenty of tips too. Bobby Pin Blog